Empowering the next generation

Who we are

EMPOWER HOUSE’s Semi-independent living services provides a high standard of accommodation and support within a secure, supportive and nurturing environment for residents aged 16 – 25 years where they can feel safe and are kept safe.

We aim to be a source of empowerment and support to inspire, encourage and assist young people  reach their own personal goals, live independently and strive and flourish within society.  

Our Mission is to help every young person achieve better outcomes and skills by equipping and enabling each individual to reach their ultimate potential through realistic and achievable stepping stones in order to transition into their adulthood successfully.

We take a holistic approach when supporting young people by engaging and developing the young person Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually.

The four pillars of our Vision

“Our Mission is to support young people to make positive choices, achieve their personal goals and take control of their lives”


We are responsible for promoting the educational achievement of the young person and liaising with key professionals to support, assist and encourage the young person to improve their educational outcomes.


We provide individualised support to enable young people to develop the skills they need to access employment. It is of utmost important to us to explore every young persons goals and aspirations in order to inspire them to reach their potential.


Through developing social, communication, and team working skills; the ability to learn from experience, control behaviours, and make good choices; and the self-esteem, resilience, and motivation to persist towards goals and overcome setbacks.


Every time I have visited my young person, he has voiced that he is very happy with his placement. He has established good relationships with staff and feels supported by them. He has described the team as “the best” and clearly has a good relationship with them. The placement are good at advocating on behalf of the young people. They have pro-actively ensured he received his gym allowance and other things he has asked for from Brent social care.

Reem HusseinSocial Worker

All documents are stored and saved on their google drive system. This allows them to send reports / documents to social workers and other professionals instantly. They produce daily, weekly and monthly reports. The providers sends fortnightly weekly reports and monthly reports to the social workers. The reports were informative under each section highlighting the young person’s progress and any issues within placement. All reports were saved under the young person’s file on the google drive.

Leah MckaneCommissioning Officer - Brent

I was very impressed with the service. I met Ramina Soudavi and Abigail Fisher (Manager). They provided a very detailed report of Petrit's progress so far. They were very child focused during the review and has been very proactive in ensuring Petrit obtain a college placement within weeks of being with them. Also following the review they provide a summary of the meeting and actions required of them as well as what they have done so far. I really got the sense that they cared about the ensuring our children receive a high standard of care from them.


The home appears spacious, modern, clean and youth friendly. The home contains 4 spacious bedrooms, two shower facilities, open plan kitchen and a large garden at the back. The unit has an overall comfortable and homely feel. There is CCTV in the communal areas.
The living room was spacious, with two TVs and a table for them to all sit around together to either eat or do work. The young person’s room we entered appeared spacious with ample storage space and a desk for them to work and eat from.

Chloe VergaraCommissioning Officer

Positive Outcomes

Young people are living, learning and negotiating transitions to adulthood and independence in an increasingly complex and challenging world, in which they face greater levels of choice and opportunity, but also unprecedented uncertainty and risk. This calls for empowered, resilient young people, who play an active role in navigating these paths.

We've partnered up with some influential people...

We work with organisations and young people in our movement to ensure all our programmes meet their changing needs. We use this insight to build high-profile partnerships to co-create and deliver innovative, accessible, funded opportunities for young people to empower them to engage with employment, volunteering or training.