Go Karting

Our recent go-karting activity was a blast for our young participants! They eagerly took to the track, navigating the twists and turns with laughter and cheers. The thrill of the races brought out their competitive spirit, and they left with big smiles and lasting memories of an exhilarating adventure

Christmas dinner

Our Christmas dinner party, hosted in our homes, was a festive affair filled with delicious food and joyful moments. From roasted turkey to homemade desserts, each dish was savored as we shared laughter and cherished memories. It was a celebration of love and togetherness that warmed our hearts during the holiday season.

Internal Activities

Our weekly internal activities, including movie nights, games nights, and takeaway nights, are a cherished tradition for our team. Whether we’re enjoying a film together, competing in games, or indulging in delicious takeout, these gatherings strengthen our bonds and provide much-needed relaxation and fun amidst our busy schedules.