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Who we are

EMPOWER HOUSE’s Semi-independent living services provides a high standard of accommodation and support within a secure, supportive and nurturing environment for residents aged 16 – 25 years where they can feel safe and are kept safe.

We aim to be a source of empowerment and support to inspire, encourage and assist young people  reach their own personal goals, live independently and strive and flourish within society.  

Our Services

Privacy and Confidentiality

Young people will always be treated with dignity and respect and consideration given to their need for privacy. We are sensitive to the fact that due to the nature of the service provided, it can often be harder to enjoy privacy when compared to living totally independently. Simple procedures can make all the difference to a young person’s quality of life.

Health & Safety

Empowerhouse has a comprehensive set of policies and procedures in place to meet all necessary safety regulations, which are checked and revised in accordance with statutory requirements.  A record is maintained of all policies and procedures and lists them all and the person responsible for maintaining them.  All staff members undergo Health and Safety, as well as Fire Safety training

Quality Assurance

The quality of our service depends on the quality of the management and the abilities of our staff. We strive to maintain high standards throughout the service delivery and our various policies and procedures provide suitable, accurate and up-to-date guidance on how to operate in accordance with relevant legislation, whilst protecting the health, safety, dignity, and respect of the people we care for.We aim to provide evidence-based, continually improving services that promote comprehensive support and positive outcomes

Equality and Inclusion

Empowerhouse recognises that certain groups of people maybe more likely to face prejudice, discrimination or harassment on the basis of characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010, such as age, sex, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and disability. Empowerhouse has appropriate procedures in place to ensure fair and inclusive treatment of all our young people and their loved ones, and safeguard them from hate and discrimination. 

Our Vision

Positive Outcomes

“Inspiring and supporting young people to live happy healthy and successful lives”

Young people are living, learning and negotiating transitions to adulthood and independence in an increasingly complex and challenging world, in which they face greater levels of choice and opportunity, but also unprecedented uncertainty and risk. This calls for empowered, resilient young people, who play an active role in navigating these paths.

The young people we work with are truly incredible.

Despite the challenges and risks they face, we see so many children who refuse to let negative experiences define their future and who are embracing hope and optimism.

We can only help these young people with the support of our inspirational partners – from individuals donating to our work through to funders commissioning and supporting our activities.

Sam Dean -Designated safeguarding lead (DSL) - on her journey with Empowerhouse

Sample video of a YP or a staff member talking about their journey so far with EH 

We've partnered up with some influential people

We work with organisations and young people in our movement to ensure all our programmes meet their changing needs. We use this insight to build high-profile partnerships to co-create and deliver innovative, accessible, funded opportunities for young people to empower them to engage with employment, volunteering or training.

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