Meet Our Team

Our team are supported and equipped with dealing with all scenarios and levels of risk/need.

The pressures of a young persons life together with the high expectations for positive outcomes at Empowerhouse requires our team to have a wide variety of training, techniques and experiences. Our team have a true passion for working with young people and understand the many challenges they can face. 

Our team has more than 20 years experience with backgrounds such as, social workers, youth workers, residential backgrounds, specialising in challenging behaviours, gang and CSE related activities, learning difficulties and disabilities and many more. 

All of our staff have a minimum of 2- 3 years experience, with a vast bank of training that has been completed both internally and externally. Our team are consistently up to date with all policies and procedures and have a clear continued personal development plan.

Director of Finance and Accounting

Christopher Brown

Head of HR and Area Manager

Sam Dean

Director of Property Management and Expansion

Sonny Corneille

Senior Support Worker

Carl Wines

Director of Business Development and Partnerships

Ramina Soudavi

Senior Support Worker

Maureen Charles